We are experts for brands, trends and customer’s needs

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Partnership is more than just a license agreement

We believe in partnerships at equitable level, sustainable and credible cooperations. We understand customer needs, offer emotional added value and connect with people. We develop customized concepts, support our partners in product development, design and communication B2B and B2C.

In 20 years we have sold over 250 million litres of Schöner Wohnen® paint.

We reach almost all target groups

Our journalistic brands build trust and offer guidance in complex and seemingly confusing markets.

With our broad portfolio, we reach two thirds of the German population.

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We are experts on brands and target groups

And publications can only be relevant if they understand the wants and needs of their target group.

That’s why our editors and market/trend researchers carry out research day in, day out.

As industry experts, our category managers are well versed in market challenges and the needs of our partners.

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Our target groups want more

The power of our brands is irresistible: studies* show that our target groups regard our brands as highly competent and as relevant for further products and services. As such, the potential for brand expansion is considerable.

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We believe in the power of ranges

Ranges have sales power. They offer high prominence, create experiences and thus facilitate retail listings. We therefore pool the products of our licensed partners within brand ranges.

Our "Schöner Wohnen-Kollektion®", for instance, is now the best-known interior design brand in Germany, with over 20 licensees.

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We bring products to life

Well-known brands with coherent product concepts and powerful stories make a compelling case for retail listings.

We tell stories and connect with people.

As such, we help our partners secure market share and build on earnings potential. We could wallpaper the entire distance from Hamburg to Majorca with the more than 400,000 rolls sold.

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Storytelling throughout the whole Customer Journey

Our brands tell stories – and we get licensed products to do the same.

Our ranges, products and services are showcased in an engaging manner in our media.

Native content and storytelling with the power of our media brands. Print, online and social.

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We have all the right connections

Effective communication is a key ingredient for success. Bertelsmann is the parent company of Ad Alliance – Germany’s largest advertising platform – which boasts huge reach amongst all conceivable target groups, whether in online, social, print or TV.

The Content Alliance manages collaboration between all content operations of Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland, RTL Radio, the TV production company UFA, Verlagsgruppe Random House, Gruner + Jahr and music company BMG.

As such, we can develop joint formats in a cross-functional manner and create comprehensive content offerings.

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We offer more than just a license agreement

Products are the core business of our licensed partners. They know how to successfully develop, produce, advertise and distribute them. And this is where we come in: we know the people for whom the products are made – and the brands they trust. We therefore develop bespoke concepts.

In the licensing process, we provide support with development and design, in terms of communication with B2C and B2B buyers and in relation to rapid development that drives sales. The only thing we can’t really help with is manufacturing…

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